Customized SI Solution

Tailor – Made & Measured Specifically for Your Business!

Customized SI Solution

NAVYZEBRA provides optimized customized systems integration solutions to customers' business
needs based on its diverse POS, Web, and Mobile solutions.

Customized to your standards, and built for greatness!


Mobility has become a standard for all businesses. Whether it be iOS, Android, smartphone & tablet, or native/hybrid, our SI Solution is customized to your fit!


Online commerce comes in many different forms such as retail shopping mall, wholesale shopping mall,restaurant, homepage, directory service and B2B E-Commerce. There is nothing that we can’t handle for your business model!


Points of sale exist in diverse areas of business, so we made sure that customization was not limited to one business type but rather available to all such as spas, nail/hair salons, fine dining or quick service restaurants, groceries/markets and retail.

Payment & Cloud Back-End

Through cloud back-end, all solutions, including payment, are system integrated to maximize efficiency.


By using Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP, improve management of areas such as purchase management, sales management, inventory management & manufacturing.

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